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RACAi 19th year Anniversary

RACAi 19th year Anniversary

It's our birthday 
The big RACAi family

Join us as we mark 19years of God's practical miracles, manifestation of his glory, and Provisions in RACAi family.

Indeed our God is too faithful to fail. 
We are proud to be in RACAi
Proud to be Called RACAite
And Proud to be Generals and pushers of the work in RACAi

Because ,
We have the Mark (Gal. 6:17)
We are in the Ark (2Tim.4:18,Psm.4:8,Psm 91:1)
And we are secured by the BLOOD
(Hebrew 12:24, Exodus 12:13)

Thanks to our dear
Territorial entity
Territorial Taker
Territorial Changer
Result commander 
Earth shaker 
Word announcer 
Rules Changer 
Kingdom lion on earth 
Hero of men
Driver of destinies 
Generational prophet 
The Elijah of our time 
A dogged believer with an undeniable Proof 
Bold as the Lion 
The Voice of God 
God's own general

Thanks for answering and obeying this glorious call 15years ago, August 20th 2002 in a very small room with over 10persons residing inside of it,at no 10 Akatapo Street. Ajegule, Lagos which was not a barrier to your obedience to the call of God

65thousand that you came with to start up the work of God has been able to show how faithful God is to his vision in providing provision for his mission and supplying fruitful needs in accomplishing his work at every given time and season (Phil. 4:19)

Indeed, you have lighten up our world by your transformation massage.
Thanks to God for giving us a Pastor who has feed and still feeding us with knowledge an understanding ( Jer. 3:15)
In knowing the right Path to take.

We love our Church (RACAi) 
And we are Proud of Our Papa

Congratulations RACAi Family 
Pastor Charles Osazuwa 
Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Int'l. Inc.
Strategy with Pastor Charles Osazuwa 
Pastors and Ministers Conference 
Too faithful to fail
Night Shekinah and 
Night with the king

Principals are stronger than principalities 
And to be taught is better than to be prayed for 
(words of our Papa)

We are RACAite 
And in RACAi
Refining Destinies is our goal 
As we take the Gospel to the uttermost Part of the EARTH (Acts 1:8)

Celebrate with us 
And Join this moving train 
that moves People forward.

Remember, you can not attract what you attack 
( if you like and want Good things,
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TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY for taking us this Far.